Best Survival Multitool 2020 : Reviews and Buying Guide

A tool that fits all the requirements of a normal person in their day to day life as well as ensuring the safety of a person from the threats of the world is considered to be crucial to buy. From opening a can to repairing a car by tightening the bolts of the car, a multitool is effective in all kind of jobs. Various multitools have been manufactured as well as developed by various companies in order to ensure the survival of a human being in their day to day life. Considering the time a person goes trekking or hill climbing, the adventure is seemed to fill with risks. Sometimes the best option remains survival. Equipping the right tools in order to ensure the survival could just be considered to be effective to live another day. A multitool survival tool could just be the right equipment or the only equipment required during such times. Such type of multitools serves as an all-round toolbox that could just attach to the hip of the person equipping it or just slip inside the bag. Considered to be really lightweight as well as packable they could just sometimes be considered the best buy of the entire life.  Hence, it is really essential to look for various survival tools online on Amazon and according to the budget and the specifications, the person must go for one blindly. Out of a total of approximately 65000 tools to choose from, the best 10 multitools have been selected for an efficient buy.

Best Survival Kit/ Multitool Reviews 2020

#1. Gerber Suspension Multi-Plier

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Available with and without a knife, this is a suspension multi-plier multitool with a total of 12 integrated components ensuring the completion of the needs of a day to day person with the guaranteed tool required for the survival of a normal human being during camping or trekking. The existence of Saf.T.Plus component locking system ensures safety. Gerber is considered one of the leading brands in the development of such tools. Gerber has unlocked the secret to developing the perfect tools required for various purposes. Completely lightweight, this multitool just weighs about 9.6 ounces. Gerber provides a lifetime warranty along with this product ensuring the quality of the product. Absolutely flexible, it comes along with adapter, three flathead bit sizes, hex head bits and cross-points bits equipping the person with an all-rounder tool required to adapt to various situations. The 12 fully locking components are needle-nose Pliers, Wire Cutter/ Stripper, Straight Blade, Serrated Blade, Philips Screwdriver, Large and Medium Flathead Screwdrivers, Scissors, Bottle Opener, Can Opener, Saw, Awl as well as Lanyard Ring which ensure complete survival of a person. The existence of the safety system allows the tool from opening anytime thereby preventing any chances of accidents. Considering the price of the tool, comparatively, this tool is a really intermediate budget tool for the features it provides. However, the drawbacks of this tool include the person equipping the tool not being able to open the tool with the help of a single hand. Apart from that, this tool is considered to be absolutely flawless.

  • 12 tools packed in one survival kit
  • Lightweight tool
  • Low budget tool

  • Opening the tool with one hand is quite literally impossible

#2. Roxon S801 16-in-1 Multitool

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A 16-in- one multitool comes equipped with about 16 tools packed in one required to ensure survival in tough situations as well as carry on day to day tasks. Roxon has literally taken over the world by the development of such kind of tools which just not only are cheap but also are of the high-grade quality. The tool comes packed in a box with nylon sheath as well as a brief instruction manual. Built with tungsten the tool is absolutely long lasting as well as corrosion free ensuring its long-time survival. This tool could efficiently convert itself into big scissor, saw, knife, rope cutter, hook disgorger, can opener, bottle opener, corkscrew, flat screwdriver glass breaker, Phillips screwdriver, needle nose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters as well as a ruler. Along with a ten-year warranty, this survival multitool is offered an excellent customer service by the authorities at Roxon thereby ensuring customer satisfaction. For outdoor survival, the tools that come inside the multitool are certainly built of high-grade quality. Glass breaker of the multitool is made up of tungsten which could allow the glass breaker to break any glass easily without any problem. The rope cutter is too sharp to ensure outdoor survival. All in all, this multitool is considered to be a real all-rounder tool for indoor as well as outdoor survival.

  • 16-in-one Multitool
  • Built with the superior quality of equipment
  • Excellent Customer Service

  • Quite costly
  • Weight is quite heavy
  • Wide sheath

#3. Bastex Multitool Knife 14-in-1 Multitool

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A 14-in-one multitool developed and manufactured by Bastex, one of the leading brands in the development of survival types of equipment for people. Equipped with 14 different tools, Bastex 14-in-1 multitool ensures the people’s requirements in their day to day life. Every day indoor, as well as outdoor problems, could effectively be solved with the help of this multitool. From opening a can to tightening screws in a car, this multitool has the power to perform any kind of job. A strong locking mechanism ensures the protection of people ensuring their safety from different hazardous tools in the multitool. Designed and developed with top-notch quality material, this tool refrains itself from ever breaking and this tool is considered to be free from corrosion. This multitool consists of different types of metals. A multitool is absolutely a great tool which could be considered to be included in the toolbox and definitely worth buying during trekking or camping.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Strong Locking Mechanism

  • No cons for this product but a better tool could be bought by spending a little extra bucks

#4. Victorinox Swiss Army Multitool

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Available in a variety of colours this multitool is efficiently one of the best survival multitools in the market. Equipped with 14 different tools this multitool is enough to ensure the person to be equipped with the proper equipment for everyday use. The construction of the polished Black ABS scales with stainless steel ensures the durability of the product. Weighing at about only 2.91 ounces, this tool is of length 3.58″. Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, Victorinox provides lifetime guarantee for the tool ensuring the top grade quality of the product. The multitool consists of blades, can and bottle openers, screwdrivers, wire stripper, scissors, reamer, corkscrew, and hook as well as tweezers, toothpick, and key ring. The compact design of the tool ensures the tool to be a piece of perfect equipment for daily activities. Available in a variety of colours like black, camouflage, cub scout stay glow, German flag, green, yellow, blue, red, silver tech this tool ensures the standard of the person in public areas. The scissors of this tool are really sharp and the can opener of the tool could open the can in just no time. This tool could be considered as the best product on the market worth buying to be equipped in the day to day life.

  • Variety of colours to pick from
  • Lightweight
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Low Cost

  • No cons for this product.

#5. Victorinox Swiss Army SwissTool X

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Another multitool developed by Victorinox this survival multitool provides 27 different functions required in order to complete the toolbox. Developed with top-notch stainless steel, this tool is considered to be really lightweight as well as durable and reliable for long term use. This tool weights at just 10.2 ounces. Another tool developed by Victorinox this tool is made in Switzerland and ensures a lifetime warranty for the product. This tool is a stainless steel bi-fold multitool. Equipped with three different screwdrivers, cutter, can opener as well as a scraper and many more this tool is just able to be enough for the day-to-day life activities of a human being. Along with the tools being sufficient for indoor activities, they are considered to excel the performance required for outdoor survival. The unique design of the tool allows the tool to be accessed individually        from outside of the handle. Plus the tool when opened locks into place in order to ensure the fulfilment of the purpose of the tool and later could be released by the person at the press of a button. The multitool comes packaged in a box along with sturdy nylon pouch as well.

  • Bi-fold multitool
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Provides 27 different functions

  • The multitool is too costly

#6. Leatherman – Charge ALX Multitool

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Considered to be the go-to multitool for day to day activities, Leatherman ALX multitool consists of 12 different tools namely pliers, wire cutter, crimper, can opener, wire stripper, knife, knife with a serrated edge, saw, ruler, file, bit drivers as well as small bit drivers. The locking mechanism of the multitool allows the protection of the person equipping it from setting off at a wrong time. This tool is built with top-quality material ensuring the low maintenance of the tool. This tool is really lightweight which could just fit in the pockets of the user. A great addition to the toolkit, this multitool is, however, really expensive comparatively. Lack of addition of scissors as well as tiny screwdrivers really sometimes discourages a person from buying this product. This multitool comes equipped with a pocket clip as well as quick-release lanyard ring ensuring the tool to be opened within a matter of a second with the help of a hand. Even Amazon offers a 25-year warranty for this product which ensures the quality of the product as well as the belief of the company on this product. A too lightweight product weighing at only 1.05 pounds available in the colour black ensuring the standard of the product in the hands of a gentleman.

  • Even Amazon offers 25 years of warranty
  • Really lightweight
  • Any tool could easily be opened with one hand.

  • The tool is quite expensive.

#7. Deja Vu Potable Folding Stainless Steel Multitool

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15 in one survival multitool provides 15 different tools like Needle Nose pliers, Curve Jaw Pliers, Wire Cutter, Bottle Opener, Can Opener, Small, Middle and Large Slotted Screwdriver, Small, Large Knife, Nail File, Saw, Fish Hook Remover, Philips Screwdriver, Safe Locking Mechanism. The safe locking mechanism ensures the safety of the user and prevents the user from damaging themselves with the sharpness of the tools. Built with a high-grade Aluminium frame and stainless steel, this tool is totally corrosion free as well as durable. The tool is really lightweight weighing just about 308gm. A handy tool that could be carried anywhere anytime in the pocket is what is the most important feature of this multitool. The locking mechanism of the tool allows the tool to be locked when fully deployed and at the press of the button could easily be released at the hands of the user. A lifetime guarantee along with this tool is provided which even ensures the quality used to develop this tool. The compact folding design allows the tool to be opened with even a hand. The finish of this tool has really been executed well ensuring making the product one of the best multitools in the market.

  • 15 different tool
  • Effective Locking Mechanism
  • Weighs about 308 gm

  • The product is quite costly for its price

#8. SOG B61N-CP

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A sleek black multitool built with stainless steel offers 18 different tools built with stainless steel could just be considered the best multitool in the market. Consisting of different tools like pliers, scissors, knife, screwdrivers, a 1/4 inch hex bit driver, a blasting cap crimper and many more this tool weighs about 9.6 ounces which are considered to be a little heavy to be carried around for daily uses. The tool seems to be designed according to military standards. Usage of Special Compound Leverage technology, this tool is perfect for use and delivers a huge amount of pressure. Comes along with heavy-duty nylon sheath, this tool is considered to be really miraculous to fit these many items together ensuring an efficient functioning. This multitool offers a 1-press locking mechanism ensuring the safety of the user as well as patented compound leverage. The multitool equips all kind of tools required indoor as well as outdoors. However, it has been reported by various users that the sharpness of the tool drains away after a handful number of cuts and requires sharpening on a regular basis. This tool could not come in handy at precision cutting which is really annoying some of the times for a regular user. The removable covers of this tool are really good in terms of maintenance.

  • Plier tips are narrow.
  • Removable covers are the best point about this tool
  • The guarded hinge of plier tip

  • The sharpness of the knife drains away in a matter of few cuts and needs to be sharpened on a regular basis.

#9. SURNORME Multi Knife 10 in 1 Stainless Steel Foldable Pocket Multitool Pliers

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The 10 in 1 multitool comes equipped with various tools such as knives, pliers, screwdrivers, wire cutters, a wire stripper, bottle and can openers, a file, a saw, and a carabiner. This multi-tool is really effective for outdoor activities which involve fishing, camping, trekking as well as hunting and many more. Made up of hardened 420 stainless steel this multitool promises a really effective performance during the outdoor activities and the unique black oxide production technology makes this multi-tool to be used for a long span of time. The Single Hand operability system could just allow the user to open the tool in a matter of second with a single hand. The excellent customer service provided by SURNORME ensures the queries of the user regarding this tool plus they ensure a lifetime warranty of the tool which proves the excellent build quality of the multitool. Weighing at about 12 ounces, the blade of the tool comes sharp out of the box as well as the pliers are spring-loaded. The presence of a nice belt holster is a welcome surprise. Considering the price, this multi-tool is really effective for use on a regular basis. However, with the exception of the knife, the other tools of this multi-tool do not lock into place which is a really low point for the users of this multitool. Users have reported watching the locking mechanism to fail from time to time. The tool is really bulky for daily use which really discourages daily users to use this team on a daily basis. you love to check Best Survival Machetes

  • The sharpness of the blade is long-lasting.
  • Effective for outdoor uses

  • Other tools except knife do not lock in place.
  • The locking mechanism has been reported to fail.

Things to take into consideration while buying a Best Survival MultiTool

While buying a survival multitool, various points need to be taken into consideration which ensures the user to buy a really great tool according to the requirements of the user.


Considering the budget of the user, the list is narrowed down to only a few items which really makes the user to efficiently choose out of the long list of multi tool survival kit available in the market.

Different tools

Considering the exact tools required for a day to day use, the user must take into consideration the tools that come equipped inside the multitool ensuring a perfect buy for the customer.

The weight of the tool

Depending on the daily basis use, consider the tool to be really lightweight that could effectively fit in the pocket without any problem.

Safety of the user

While considering buying the survival multitool and while equipping the sharp tools, the user needs to stay alert all times as a little mishandling could cause the tool to fail and could risk a cut on the hands of the user as well. Hence, a tool with an effective locking mechanism needs to be taken into consideration for safe use.

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Various survival multitools are available in the market for different uses. Equipped with different tools, the user must carefully analyze the best survival multitools in the market and buy them effectively according to the requirements as well as comfort. Considering a low budget and average use, the SURNORME multi-tool could be considered as the best tool in the market for average use. For the people that tend to effectively use the tool on a daily basis, the company Victorinox is considered to be the best company responsible for the development of different kind of survival gears. Developed and manufactured in Switzerland, the tools developed by Victorinox are considered to be really effective and could always come in handy on a daily basis. Gerber Survival multitool, on the other hand, is another one of the tools that could readily be equipped and used on a regular basis and could be bought at an average price. Even the Leatherman tools have been in the market for a really long time and the user could easily rely on the company to provide an effective as well as a reliable tool worth the money. Analyzing the requirements and the budget, the user must take into consideration the top 10 best survival multitools 2020 available on Amazon and after a thorough analysis, the best tool suitable must be bought blindly without even thinking about it.

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