Best Family Cabin Tent for Camping

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Planning on packing up some camping goods and spending a long weekend amid nature with the family or good friends? Then you are probably going to want a communal tent where everyone can gather, a place where kids can romp, people can lounge, and the temperature stays nice and comfy. Sounds heavenly, right? There are many kinds of tents out there, but the best type of tent for such an outing is a cabin-style tent.

Cabin tents are called as such because they have a walled structure that vaguely resembles a cabin. Large groups of campers will prefer cabin tents because of their durability and size.

If you are looking for the best cabin tent for camping, look no further. We have several recommendations, as well as a buyer’s guide, to help you select the best cabin-style tent for your next outdoor adventure.

Best Family and Large Group Cabin Tent for Camping
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Cabin Tent Brands

Best 6 Person Tent

Coleman Cabin Tent

Best 9 Person Tent

Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

Best 14 Person Cabin Tent

Fortunershop Family Cabin Tent

Best Glamping Tent

UNISTRENGTH 4-Season Large Glamping Canvas Bell Tent

Best Budget-Friendly Cabin Tent

Coleman Dome Tent

What is The Best Material For a Tent?

Tents come in many shapes and sizes and material types. There are three materials commonly used to fabricate tents: nylon, polyester, canvas.

Polyester and nylon tents can range in quality, depending on the thickness of the material. They will usually be either water-resistant or waterproof and have mild wind resistant, unless you get a dome tent designed for mountaineering.

One of the best materials for cabin tents, however, would be canvas. Canvas is durable, waterproof, and resilient in most weather conditions. The downside is that canvas is more expensive than polyester and nylon tents.

What is a Good Tent for Camping That is Best For Large Groups?

There are two main styles of tents for camping: dome vs. cabin. Dome tents are most commonly used during hiking and camping, but they may only house 1 or 2 people comfortably. On the other hand, cabin tents are popular with families, because they can house 4 people and up. Some of the largest cabin tents can cozily fit 12-14 people.

That makes cabin style tents the best for large groups and parties.

Best Cabin Style Tents for Family and Large Groups

After looking at the market of dome and cabin tents for hiking, it was easy to see which were the best ones available. The cabin tents with the highest ratings have been manufactured by trusted names in the outdoor industry. They also come with features like ventilation windows, rainflys, and room dividers to make camping with a large number of people feel like a true vacation. We rated these products on a scale of 1-10 based on the following criteria: the material, durability, capacity, portability, setup, waterproofing, price, and other features.

Without further ado, here are Trekkerr’s top choices for the best cabin style tents:

Best 6 Person Tent: Coleman Cabin Tent


8.5Expert Score
Coleman Cabin Tent

Looking for one of the best 6 person instant setup tents available? Then you need to consider the Coleman Cabin Tent. It practically pops into place within 60 seconds, giving you a warm, weatherproof living space that everyone in the group can enjoy. The tent also features a single wall that is highly waterproof and lightweight. The only downside is potential condensation buildup.

  • Quick setup—attach the poles and you’re good to go
  • 6 foot center height
  • Multiple sizes available if you want something bigger than a 6 person
  • Fits 2 queen-sized beds
  • The integrated rainfly does not function optimally and results in leakage
  • Heavy. For the size, the tent weighs more than 30 pounds

Reasons To Buy

The ease of setup is one of the reasons why this tent is a winner. It also sports a few mesh windows and waterproof zip up covers, ensuring that there is plenty of air flow. The material quality boasts reliability alongside a reasonable price; it is a great tent for people who are just beginning their outdoor camping adventures.


Best 9 Person Tent: Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent


9Expert Score
Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent

The Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent is the go-to for families and friends who like cozying up together during hiking trips. The tent is perfect for campsites, festivals, parties, and trips to the beach. The floor space is a generous 14ft x 19ft, which is wide enough to fit several adults.

  • High 6’6” center
  • T-style door makes the tent highly accessible
  • Quick setup: only takes 60 seconds max
  • Great ventilation: adjustable bottom air vents allow for air flow
  • Steep uprights make the tent strong and durable
  • Electric port can be fully sealed when not in use
  • When using the divider, the backroom is cut off from the exit. This can make night time bathroom breaks difficult.

Reasons To Buy

So, why should you consider the Core 9 Person Instant Cabin Tent? It has a couple of features that make it proudly stand out from the competition. The tent is constructed with Core’s proprietary H20 Block Tech, which promises to keep everyone dry. There is also an electrical outlet built-in. Plug in your smartphone or radio or lights for more modern world convenience.

Lastly, if you plan on fitting up to 9 people happily, you’re going to appreciate the privacy panels that help set up separate living spaces. Those 9 people can also help you move around the tent easily, since it weighs a mere 30 pounds when packed!


Best 14 Person Cabin Tent: Fortunershop Family Cabin Tent


6Expert Score
Fortunershop Family Cabin Tent

Sometimes you want to bring the apartment along for the ride. That’s where the massive Fortunership 14 Person Family Cabin Tent comes in handy. This tent is an absolute palace and has a 20ft by 20ft floor space. If you use the space wisely, you can fit 7 couples inside.

  • Plenty of additional features, like mesh storage pockets and an electrical outlet
  • Comes with sewn-in room dividers to separate rooms
  • Spacious floor allows for storage without cluttering your rooms
  • Economical choice for those who need a larger tent
  • The zipper design leaves much to be desired and may need to be reinforced
  • Setup takes about 20 minutes—recruit your friends to help!
  • Materials feel a bit cheap

Reasons To Buy

The Fortunership Family Cabin Tent has excellent accessibility and cross-ventilation, thanks to the 4 distinct “rooms.” In fact, it is so spacious that you can fit 5 queen-sized mattresses inside. Furthermore, you can switch up the floor plan by switching up the layout. Simply use the central zipper to rearrange the tent as you want.


Best Glamping Tent: UNISTRENGTH 4-Season Large Glamping Canvas Bell Tent


9.5Expert Score
UNISTRENGTH 4-Season Large Glamping Canvas Bell Tent

If luxury is on your mind, then you should check out this glamping tent by UNISTRENGTH. This canvas bell tent has everything you need for a glamorous trip out in nature. The material is snow-proof, windproof, and waterproof. But it is also fireproof, something that most tents lack.

  • Made of undeniably resilient fabric: 300GSM cotton with waterproof coating and double reinforced seams. The ground sheet is 540GSM PVC and catches the poles to protect the flooring.
  • Durable tent zippers hold up well overtime.
  • Setup takes about 20 minutes but is very easy.
  • The stove jack materials will melt if the temperature gets too hot
  • Not very portable (requires a vehicle for transport)

Reasons To Buy

The bell-shaped tent (modeled after a Mongolian yurt) has the loftiest center point of all tents in this list, so even your tallest friends will feel right at home. Though the tent can only fit 6-8 people, there is plenty of space on the floor to give everyone their own corner. Best yet, you can install a portable stove to cook or keep the interior warm in the wintertime. Though it may not seem like it, this canvas bell tent can withstand high wind speeds at high elevations, making it perfect for all kinds of destinations.


Best Budget-Friendly Cabin Tent: Coleman Dome Tent


8Expert Score
Coleman Dome Tent

While we did say that cabin tents are the best bet for large groups, the Coleman Dome Tent is a roomy tent (15ft x 12ft) at an affordable price. With a conventional setup speed of only 15 minutes, you will be lounging in comfort sooner than you think. Plus, the tent is resistant for wind speeds up to 35 mph.

  • Only needs one person to set up the tent, though two people can speed up the process
  • Super affordable price for the same quality of higher end brands
  • Has windows and screen door for plenty of ventilation
  • If you do not use the rainfly, there is little privacy inside the tent
  • there is no separation of space between the porch and the interior
  • Not a 4-season tent
  • The seams are not as durable as some other tents on this list

Reasons To Buy

The Coleman Dome Tent is spacious, in spite of the dome design. Inside the 6-person model, 2 queen-sized mattresses can fit side-by-side, giving you enough space for 4-6 people. Coleman is also a brand name that you can trust. The tent is constructed with a WeatherTec system that gives you inverted seams and welded floors. And if you want to eat your breakfast or dinner without worrying about bugs, then you will love the screen door in the vestibule/porch.


Buyer’s Guide: Factors to Consider When Buying Cabin Tents for a Large Group

Best Family Cabin Tent for Camping_Trekkerr

Now that you have seen the recommended cabin tents for families, there are some things you should keep in mind when broadening your search. It may already be obvious, but choosing a cabin tent is not the same as choosing a tent for backpacking.

Cabin tents are heavy, so most of the time, you will be hauling that tent around by your car. This means that you probably have different qualities in mind than someone searching for a lightweight backpacking tent.

Size & Capacity

The first thing to prioritize is finding the right sized tent for your outing. The tent size you select will change how many people can fit inside and the amount of personal space for each camper.

Many tents are going to have liberal sizing, so you have to look at the dimensions to figure out just how many people can get inside. For example, an 8-person tent may fit 8 children but only 6 adults, depending on the length and width.

The best way to gauge size and capacity is to look at the number of beds that can fit inside. Does it fit 2 or 3 queen beds but advertises itself as a 9 person tent? Ask yourself if 9 people can actually fit on 2 or 3 queen beds.

Also, it is wise to consider the center height. If you have some pretty tall people in your group, splurge for a tent that is lofty at the center.


Having an easy setup is one of the most important things when having a tent. No one wants a frustrating setup and then have to try unwinding to enjoy their trip. Large cabin tents are going to have far more equipment to deal with than a tiny backpacking tent, so you should always look for products with something called “instant-pitch” or “quick-pitch.”

What that means is that setup is easier by design. Some models may feature built-in frames or pre-attached poles to hasten the setup process. It’s a worthwhile feature to invest in.


Although the choices of tent fabric (canvas, polyester, and nylon) was already discussed, it is essential enough to mention again. Nylon is often cheapest and is lightweight and mildly water-resistant. Without a coating, it will grow slack when wet. When coated, nylon may not breathe well, reducing ventilation. Rip-stop nylon is slightly more durable and is best for colder temperatures.

Polyester is generally the same as nylon but has a few key differences. Polyester is heavier and resists UV rays more than nylon. It also refuses to sag due to dampness.

Cotton and poly-cotton, or canvas/canvas blends, are ideal for a breathable, cool tent that keeps everyone shaded during the spring and summer. Canvas is waterproof, but the first time you use it, the tent will leak a little as part of the weathering process.


Construction quality and durability go hand-in-hand. Since cabin tents are larger than your average tent, there is a lot of additional surface area that can be affected by weather conditions. You do not want your tent getting torn in a windstorm. Make sure the poles are either made of steel or aluminum. They do weigh more than fiberglass, but both are far more durable.

You may also consider purchasing a groundsheet to cover the floor of the tent to extend its life. Check to make sure seams are not coming loose or seal them yourself with some needle and thread.


Nylon and polyester cabin tents are typically given a coating of silicone, acrylic, or polyurethane to make them waterproof. Canvas is also highly waterproof, as mentioned earlier. That said, there are some parts of a tent that impact waterproofing that you may overlook, such as seams, stitching, and zippers.

Seams are the weakest link and will need to be coated with a sealant and stitched extremely well to prevent leakage. To seal out drafts, water, and bugs, make sure your tent also has YKK zippers.

Additional Features

Finally, when considering all the tent options out there, but sure to give a nod to things like rainflys, gear pockets, and doors and windows. Some tents, like the Coleman Dome Tent, even feature porches instead of vestibules.

Built-in features are always welcome, since they will make your camping trip more enjoyable. Another additional feature is ventilation. The more people crammed into a tight space, the more condensation. Tents with loads of mesh and windows are going to provide plenty of cross-ventilation to keep everyone comfortable.

Some features, however, can unknowingly make things more difficult. Included rainflys, for instance, may not be as durable as ones that you purchase separately. Keep that in mind while shopping.


The best cabin tents for large groups are the ones that make your outdoor adventure all the more rewarding and fun. Choose a tent based on the materials it is made out of and how quickly you can set it up and tear it down. That leaves more time for you to do the things you enjoy.

Therefore, when you start shopping around for the best cabin tent, consider this guide and reviews as a way to measure quality. No matter what you choose, it will certainly be the highlight of your next adventure.

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